Large Denial of Service Attack on Network

August 26, 2014

Our network is being targeted by an extremely large denial of service (DDOS) attack preventing connectivity for some customers.

Updates will be provided here and on Twitter at as more information becomes available.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this incident.

UPDATE #1: Our name server IPs are directly being attacked. We are making changes to attempt to bring sites on other IPs back online.

UPDATE #2: Customers hosted on our Ares, Poseidon and Zeus servers should no longer be affected by this attack and access to Varial Hosting's website has been restored. Unfortunately users hosted on our Apollo and Luna servers continue to have connectivity issues as our name server and main IPs on these servers are being directly attacked. Customers with dedicated IPs on these servers that do not share our name server IPs should no longer be affected. Further, clients using 3rd party email services on Apollo and Luna should no longer experience email outages.

Due to the DDOS attack being so large and damaging our network providers are unable to filter or block this bad traffic and have been forced to temporarily null route and drop all connections to affected IPs until the attack is over.

UPDATE #3: The DDOS attack on our name server IPs appears to have ended and service has now been restored to all servers. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while we addressed this problem.

PHP Upgraded to 5.3.29 Across All Servers

August 19, 2014

Our default version of PHP has been upgraded to version 5.3.29 across all servers.

PHP 5.3.29 is primarily a bug fix and security release and compatibility issues are not anticipated.

More information on PHP 5.3.29 can be found at:

Note that alternate versions of PHP 5.2, 5.4 and 5.5 are available for clients to switch to using the "Select PHP Version" tool in your cPanel.

Less Downtime with Rebootless Kernel Upgrades

August 12, 2014

Every month or so our staff had to go through the ancient ritual of rebooting servers late at night in order to apply operating system upgrades to keep our service safe and secure.

While downtime typically only lasted 5-10 minutes while servers rebooted, the process was less than ideal as the maintenance had be scheduled for the wee hours of the night.

Today we are pleased to announce that all of our servers are now equipped with KernelCare, a new utility allowing for rebootless kernel upgrades. Critical security updates and bug fixes are now automatically applied without the need for a reboot, meaning less downtime for customers, better security and more sleep for our staff!

Everyone wins!

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