PHP Upgraded to 5.3.29 Across All Servers

August 19, 2014

Our default version of PHP has been upgraded to version 5.3.29 across all servers.

PHP 5.3.29 is primarily a bug fix and security release and compatibility issues are not anticipated.

More information on PHP 5.3.29 can be found at:

Note that alternate versions of PHP 5.2, 5.4 and 5.5 are available for clients to switch to using the "Select PHP Version" tool in your cPanel.

Less Downtime with Rebootless Kernel Upgrades

August 12, 2014

Every month or so our staff had to go through the ancient ritual of rebooting servers late at night in order to apply operating system upgrades to keep our service safe and secure.

While downtime typically only lasted 5-10 minutes while servers rebooted, the process was less than ideal as the maintenance had be scheduled for the wee hours of the night.

Today we are pleased to announce that all of our servers are now equipped with KernelCare, a new utility allowing for rebootless kernel upgrades. Critical security updates and bug fixes are now automatically applied without the need for a reboot, meaning less downtime for customers, better security and more sleep for our staff!

Everyone wins!

FrontPage Extension Support To Be Discontinued

August 7, 2014

On September 1, 2014 Varial Hosting will discontinue support for FrontPage Extensions across all of our servers.

Microsoft has discontinued all development and support of FrontPage since 2006 but for the interest of our clients still using this software we had committed to providing support for FrontPage Extensions as long as it was safe and feasible for us to do so.

In July of 2013 cPanel had warned that support for FrontPage Extensions would be removed from their platform at the end of 2013 as its continued support was hindering the use of new security and performance advancements, but a patch was made available to temporarily continue FrontPage support until a time came that it was no longer compatible with their code base.

Notice was given at the start of 2014 that our continued support of FrontPage Extensions was temporary and would be removed in the near future.

Yesterday cPanel announced that support for FrontPage Extensions would be fully discontinued upon the release of the next version of the cPanel platform, due in Fall 2014. To prepare for this upcoming release we will be removing all support for FrontPage Extensions from our servers on September 1st.

Note that clients may continue to use Microsoft FrontPage to create and maintain their websites but must use an alternate method to upload their website files such as FTP, File Manager or Web Disk. Functionality requiring FrontPage Extensions such as form processing, hit counters or guestbooks will cease to function after September 1st. If your FrontPage website utilizes such features please seek an alternative option.

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