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PHP 7 and Mod_lsapi Now Available on Legacy Platform

April 27, 2016

We are pleased to announce that PHP 7 is now available to all Varial Hosting customers.

To start using PHP 7 simply log into your cPanel and click on the “Select PHP Version” icon located under the Software heading. Next, select PHP 7 and press the “Set as current” button. Finally, click the “Use Defaults” button to select our recommended PHP modules and then hit “Save”.

Note that not all web applications have been updated to be compatible with PHP 7 at this time.

We have also enabled CloudLinux’s Mod_lsapi across all servers on our legacy platform. Mod_lsapi is a drop-in replacement for suPHP and is a much faster way of serving PHP using Apache. This will give additional performance and stability improvements until all customers are migrated to our next generation hosting platform later this year.

If you are experiencing issues after the switch to Mod_lsapi please contact our Support department for assistance.

.CA and Whois Privacy Price Drop

April 15, 2016

While fluctuating exchange rates have been driving up prices in Canada, we’ve got some great news for you today.

Due to our high volume of .CA domain sales we’ve renegotiated our domain registration fees and are passing on the savings to you!

.CA Domain Names
Previously $24.99CAD –> Now $19.99CAD / year
Previously $19.99USD –> Now $14.99USD / year

Additionally, we are slashing the price of our Whois Privacy Protection service in half!

With spammers increasingly crawling public Whois records for personal information, our Whois Privacy Protection service will register your domain with anonymous details to protect your privacy and stop spam from being received in this manner.

For example:

Whois Privacy Protection

Whois Privacy Protection
Previously $9.99CAD –> Now $4.99CAD / year
Previsouly $9.99USD –> Now $4.99USD / year

Domains expiring after May 15, 2016 will renew at the reduced rates. No changes will be made to existing renewal invoices.

If you have any questions please contact our Billing department for clarification.

WordPress 4.5 is Now Available

April 13, 2016

WordPress 4.5 has just been released and brings with it inline editing improvements and a handy responsive preview mode!

Varial Hosting customers who have automatic upgrades enabled through Installatron will be automatically upgraded to this version within the next 24 hours. All other users may manually upgrade using Installatron or from their WordPress admins.

Reseller Custom Name Server IP Change

April 13, 2016

In the coming months we will be migrating all existing customers to our next generation hosting platform. To prepare for this we ask that all resellers using custom name servers confirm that they are using our latest name server IPs.

This applies only to resellers who have domains pointed to custom name servers (ie. and

If you have not created custom name servers and all of your domains are pointed to our default name servers (,, and you do not need to make any changes.

Your custom name servers should be pointed to the following IPs:

ns1 =
ns2 =
ns3 = (optional)
ns4 = (optional)

Please ensure that your custom name servers are pointed to these IPs at both the server and registrar level by Friday, May 13, 2016. Failure to update your custom name server IPs by this date may result in an interruption of your service when servers on our legacy platform are decommissioned later this year and removed from our DNS cluster.

If you are using custom name servers and would like assistance making this change please contact our Support department and we will gladly help you to make these changes.