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Varial Introduces HTTP to HTTPS Conversion Service for WordPress

June 28, 2018

On July 23, 2018, Google will make the bold move to prominantly label all websites viewed in Chrome over HTTP as “Not Secure”.

Unfortunately much of the web is not ready with over 30% of all websites not supporting HTTPS.

When a website is accessed over HTTPS, information is transmitted over a secure, encrypted connection from the visitor’s browser to the server.¬†This not only offers a security advantage, but can improve search engine rankings and speed up your website by enabling the next-generation HTTP/2 and QUIC protocols which are available only to HTTPS websites.

With web browsers now alerting visitors when websites are viewed over HTTP, our customers have been scrambling to switch to HTTPS to avoid scaring away visitors with a “Not Secure” warning.

As such, we have been bombarded with questions on how customers can convert their existing websites to use HTTPS. The answer is unfortunately complicated, and highly depends on how your website has been coded.

Some websites can simply be accessed over HTTPS instead of HTTP and will display the SSL lock icon without issue, however many websites will require changes to their code to be compatible with HTTPS.

To assist our customers with this transition, we are introducing a HTTP to HTTPS Conversion service for WordPress websites hosted on our servers.

Our HTTPS conversion service for WordPress includes the following:

  • Backup existing website before making any changes.
  • Ensure a free SSL certificate has been installed for your domain.
  • Reconfigure WordPress to use HTTPS across all pages.
  • Convert any hardcoded HTTP references in your database to HTTPS.
  • Convert any hardcoded HTTP references in your active WordPress theme to HTTPS.
  • Update .htaccess file for compatibility and to redirect all pages from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Maximum 2 hours of our staff’s time to complete the conversion.
    (We will notify you before proceeding if we anticipate your conversion to take longer.)

We are offering this service to Varial Hosting customers for a $99.99 one time fee.

To order please contact our Sales department at to begin the process.



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