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cPanel Updated to v74 Across All Servers

September 5, 2018

The latest major release of cPanel is now available to all Varial Hosting customers. Version 74 includes improvements to the new Git Version Control feature, improved domain validation to reduce hiccups when issuing SSL certificates and automated spammer detection to prevent spam from sending from our servers.

More details on all the new features can be found at:

Google Chrome Removes “Secure” Label From HTTPS Websites

September 4, 2018

Google released version 69 of their Chrome browser today which further reinforces their opinion that HTTPS is required for all websites by removing the green “Secure” label previously displayed on HTTPS websites.

Now only a simple lock icon will display to indicate that you are visiting a HTTPS website.

Eventually the lock icon and all indicators will be removed from HTTPS websites and only a red “Not Secure” warning will be displayed on HTTP pages to reinforce that HTTPS is the new standard that all websites should be using.

If your website is not currently using HTTPS by default, we recommend reading our previous article for more information or order our HTTP to HTTPS conversion service for WordPress websites if you require assistance making these changes.