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Upcoming Server Migration and Upgrade Notice

March 13, 2024

Over the next 3 months, all customers hosted on our Hermione, Malfoy, Sirius and Snape servers will be migrated to new servers.

Affected customers will receive an additional email with more information when their date of migration has been scheduled.

The operating system on these servers will reach its end of life later this year, requiring all customers hosted on these servers to be moved to new servers to accommodate our server upgrade plans.

In addition to the new operating system, customers will benefit from significantly faster SSD storage available on our new servers following the migration.

What can I do now to get ready?

If you use our email service and connect to your email using applications like Outlook or Apple Mail, please verify that you are connecting to (*replace with your actual domain name) as both your incoming and outgoing mail servers.

This will allow your email to seamlessly transition from the old server to the new server during the migration process. If you are currently connecting to addresses like, we recommend changing your incoming and outgoing mail server addresses to prior to your scheduled migration date. All other email settings can remain the same.

If you are using a 3rd party email service, no changes are required.

More information will be given in an additional email when the date of your migration is scheduled.


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