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  1. How do I renew a domain?

    Domain renewal invoices are automatically generated 30 days before a domain is due for renewal. Simply pay your invoice to process the renewal of your domain name.

    If you wish to renew your domain prior to this, you may do so by logging into your client area account and manually renewing your domain.

  2. How do I cancel a domain?

    If you do not wish to renew a domain please contact so we may stop your billing for the domain. The domain will become inactive upon its expiry date.
  3. What steps are required to transfer a domain?

    Ordering a domain transfer will transfer the registration of a domain name from its current registrar to Varial Hosting, extending its registration period by one year.

    In order to ensure a successful domain transfer, please verify that your domain name conforms to the following rules prior to ordering:

    • The domain is older than 60 days and is not expired. The domain transfer process may require up to a week to complete. Please submit your domain transfer order with sufficient time to complete prior to your domain's expiration date.
    • The domain must not be locked to the current registrar. This feature is commonly known as "registrar-locking" and must be disabled prior to transfer.
    • You must have access to the email address specified as your domain's administrative contact. An email will be dispatched to this email address that will require you to manually approve the domain transfer request within the given time frame.
    • When transferring .com, .net, .org, .ca and select other domains, a transfer authorization (EPP) key is required to process your order. This key can be obtained from your current registrar.

    If you do not have access to modify your domain name's configuration or are unsure of how to verify and complete these steps, please contact your current registrar and ask them to verify that your domain conforms to the above rules, adjusting any setting that may be incorrect. You may also feel free to email at any time and we would be more than happy to guide you through the domain transfer process or answer any of your questions.

  4. What is Whois privacy protection?

    When registering a domain you must provide valid contact information which is accessible from the public Whois database of all domain registrations.

    Data miners often crawl public Whois records for personal information leading to increased spam and junk mail. With Whois privacy protection your domain is registered with anonymous details to protect your personal information.

    For example:

    Whois privacy protection is now free for all eligible domains and enabled by default.

    Whois privacy is not allowed for .in and .us domains, and can only be enabled for .ca domains when registered by an individual.

  5. What happens when I order a premium domain?

    With the launch of over 1,000 new top level domains, the registries have reserved specific domains (typically those with common keywords) and assigned premium pricing to them.

    If you attempt to order a premium domain our staff will contact you following your order to notify you that the domain has been reserved with premium pricing and is not available at normal rates. We will advise you of the premium price of the domain and if you wish to proceed we will invoice you for the premium domain fee and manually complete your order. If you do not wish to purchase the domain at this rate we will cancel your order and refund your transaction.

  6. What happens when a domain expires?

    Should you allow a domain to expire, you will be able to renew it for up to 30 days after the renewal date. During this time the domain will not be accessible so any website or email services associated with it will stop working.

    After the 30 day grace period the domain will begin its deletion process and you risk losing the domain to another party.

    It may be possible to reclaim the domain if it is still in its Redemption state prior to being deleted, however doing so will incur a Redemption fee of $300.00 plus your regular annual renewal fee. If your domain has been expired longer than 30 days and you need to renew it, please contact to inquire if this will be possible.

    We strongly advise that you renew your domains on time to avoid any service interruptions or unexpected fees.

  7. What are your name server addresses?

    To connect your domain up to our hosting services please use the following name servers:

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