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  1. How do I access Webmail?

    You can access Webmail by adding webmail before your domain name and logging in with your email address and its password.

    For example:

  2. How do I access MailScanner?

    Simply login to your cPanel and click on the MailScanner icon located under the Email heading.
  3. How do I reduce the amount of spam I receive?

    You can easily filter out the majority of the spam you receive by configuring MailScanner, our email spam and virus scanning service found in your cPanel.

    How MailScanner works is that all incoming email is scanned and assigned a spam score based on a number of attributes and triggers that are regularly updated to ensure the latest spam detection technology. The higher the spam score, the more likely the email is to be spam.

    When you first set up MailScanner you will notice that spam and virus scanning is enabled by default with low scoring spam set to be delivered and high scoring spam set to be deleted. By default MailScanner also defines emails with a spam score between 0-5 to be legitimate email, 5-20 to be low scoring or potential spam, and 20+ to be high scoring or definite spam.

    If you want to reduce the amount of spam you receive we recommend that you set low scoring spam to forward to a email address (be sure to create this address first!) and to simply delete high scoring spam. This will ensure that all definite spam is deleted but allows you to log into your email address to review it for any legitimate emails that it may have mistaken to be potential spam. Just be sure to log into your spam address every now and then to check for legitimate emails and to clean it out to ensure that it doesn't grow too large!

    With MailScanner you can also whitelist and blacklist email addresses to ensure that you get your important emails and to block emails from people you do not wish to communicate with.

    By clicking on the Other Settings link you can configure the values for low and high scoring spam to make MailScanner more strict or lenient at your discretion. You can also define an alternate email address to forward spam to if you should desire to do so.

  4. I am having problems sending mail. What alternate SMTP ports are available?

    Many ISPs are beginning to block access to common SMTP server ports in an effort to force their users to use their SMTP server so that they may monitor and control users who are sending unsolicited emails.

    If your ISP is blocking access to port 25, you may use our secondary SMTP server which is installed on port 26 by adjusting the settings in your email client to use port 26 for your SMTP server instead. Alternatively, you may also connect securely to our SMTP server over SSL on port 465.

    If you find that your ISP is blocking access to all available SMTP ports, please contact them to request their SMTP server address and configuration instructions so you may use their SMTP server in place of ours.

    Please note that you should always be able to send and receive mail through Webmail without issues even if your ISP is blocking access to our SMTP ports.

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