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  1. How do I renew my hosting plan?

    Hosting renewal invoices are automatically generated 15 days before the account is due for renewal if paying on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual billing term. Accounts paying on annual or longer billing terms will have their invoices generated 30 days in advance. Simply pay your invoice to process the renewal of your account.
  2. How do I upgrade my hosting plan?

    You can upgrade your account at any time through your client area account or by contacting our billing department. You will be billed for the difference in price for the remainder of your billing cycle.
  3. How do I cancel my hosting plan?

    If you do not wish to renew your hosting plan please contact so we may stop your billing for the account. Your hosting account will be terminated from our servers upon the end of your current billing term unless immediate termination is requested.
  4. What billing cycles are available?

    You can sign up for monthly billing or up to a three year billing cycle. Discounts apply when you sign up for a year of hosting or longer!
  5. How do I access cPanel?

    You can access cPanel by adding cpanel before your domain name and logging in with your hosting account's username and password.

    For example:

  6. How do I connect additional domains to my hosting account?

    If you have purchased a hosting plan that supports the hosting of multiple websites you can connect additional domains to your hosting account simply by logging into your cPanel and clicking on the Addon Domains icon located under the Domains heading.
  7. How do I access Installatron?

    Simply login to your cPanel and click on the Installatron Applications Installer icon located under the Software heading.
  8. When will an application be updated in Installatron?

    When a new version of an application is released it will not be immediately available in Installatron as the developers of Installatron must first package the updated application and thoroughly test it before making it available for installation and upgrade in Installatron.

    Typically applications are updated in Installatron a few days after they are initially released by the authors.

  9. Do you offer support for the applications available in Installatron?

    Varial Hosting offers support only for the installation of applications through our Installatron tool and does not provide support for the use of the applications themselves. Please contact the authors of the applications for support.
  10. What versions of PHP do you offer?

    All hosting accounts come with support for PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0. PHP 5.6 is our default PHP version.
  11. How do I change PHP versions?

    To change your PHP version simply log into your cPanel and click on the "Select PHP Version" icon located under the Software heading.

    Next, select the PHP version you wish to change to and press the "Set as current" button. Finally, click the "Use Defaults" button to select our recommended PHP modules and then hit "Save".

    If you wish to use our default version of PHP, simply leave your PHP version set to "native".

  12. What version of MariaDB (MySQL) do you offer?

    All hosting accounts include support for MariaDB 10.1.
  13. How do I access RVSiteBuilder?

    Simply login to your cPanel and click on the RVSiteBuilder icon located under the Software heading.
  14. How do I view the templates available in RVSiteBuilder?

    Simply click here to view our template catalogue. More templates are being added all of the time!
  15. How do I unblock my IP address from your firewall?

    If you ever find yourself blocked by our firewall due to repeated login failures or other technical issues simply log into your client area account and our system will automatically unblock your IP address.
  16. How do I enable CloudFlare?

    CloudFlare is powerful content delivery network, website optimizer and security service.

    To enable CloudFlare simply log into your cPanel and click on the CloudFlare icon located under the Software heading.

    Next, login or register for a CloudFlare account.

    Once logged in click on the domain you wish to enable CloudFlare on from the Active Zone dropdown box and then click the "Provision Domain with CNAME Setup" button.

    That's it! Traffic will now be passed through CloudFlare's global content delivery network when your website is accessed from (with the www).

    If you'd like to improve website performance further, we recommend clicking on the Performance menu button, scrolling down to the Railgun section, and then click the button to connect your website to our Railgun service.

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