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Migrating Existing Customers to Our Next Generation Hosting Platform

February 16, 2016

Our next generation platform and optimized WordPress hosting plans have just been launched!

We hate price increases so all existing customers are grandfathered in with their current plans and pricing! We’d like to allow everyone to take advantage of our powerful new features so we are planning to migrate all customers to our new platform over the course of the year.

We will be migrating customers server by server, starting with our oldest first. Our staff will contact you to schedule a migration date and at that time we will review your account for compatibility and help you to enable our new features.

This is a manual process and is expected to take much of the year to complete. If you’d like to get moved to our new platform right away, simply contact us at to skip to the front of the line and be added to our priority migration list. All other customers will be contacted by our staff at a later date to schedule their migration.

We’re very excited to share our new platform with you!


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