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Varial Featured on Website Planet

February 20, 2020

Website Planet recently interviewed our CEO to learn more about our next generation hosting platform and what makes our optimized WordPress hosting plans so popular.

Check out the interview here!

Scheduled Maintenance: MySQL Upgrades on Lockhart, Malfoy & Sirius

February 12, 2020

In March 2020, we will be upgrading the MySQL database server on our Lockhart, Malfoy and Sirius servers to MySQL 5.6 as support for all previous versions will be discontinued by cPanel upon their next major release due at the end of Q1 2020.

Significant work has been performed by our staff over the past two years to prepare customer accounts for compatibility with newer MySQL versions, which will allow us to upgrade our database servers at a more frequent pace in the future.

Prior to the upgrades, database servers will be briefly taken offline in order to make a complete backup of all customer databases. Websites utilizing MySQL databases will become temporarily unavailable until the MySQL upgrades have completed on each server.

Additional MySQL upgrades will be scheduled later in 2020 to switch to MariaDB (an optimized replacement for MySQL) to meet feature parity with our more recently deployed servers.

Scheduled Dates:

Lockhart – March 2020 (Date TBA)
Malfoy – March 2020 (Date TBA)
Sirius – March 2020 (Date TBA)

This document will be updated as specific upgrades dates are scheduled for each server.

PHP 7.4 Now Available

December 11, 2019

For the early adopters out there, PHP 7.4 is now available across all of our servers.

PHP 7.4 builds upon the great improvements brought forward in PHP 7 and introduces several new features for developers which you can read about at:

To change your PHP version, simply log into your cPanel and follow this guide:

Please be aware that not all web applications and PHP extensions are compatible with PHP 7.4 at this time. For best compatibility we recommend using PHP 7.2 or 7.3 until development of PHP 7.4 matures.

Get $5 Off .CA Domain Transfers

October 14, 2019

Fellow Canadians! Put down your poutine and check out this amazing limited time offer.

Until the end of October if you transfer your existing .CA domain name to Varial Hosting using the coupon code CATRANSFER you can save $5.00 off your order!

Sale Pricing
$21.99CAD – $5.00 = $16.99CAD

Ordering a domain transfer will not only transfer its registration from your current registrar to Varial Hosting, but will also renew the domain for an additional year from its current expiry date.

To transfer a domain name you must first unlock the domain with your current domain registrar and obtain its transfer authorization (EPP) key. If you have any questions about preparing your domain for transfer please contact us at

Click here to get $5 off when transferring your .CA domain name to Varial Hosting!

*Offer applies to single year .CA domain transfers only. Registrations and renewals do not apply and are billed at regular rates. Offer expires October 31, 2019.

Massive Improvements to HTTP/2 Performance

August 13, 2019

Your website just got faster!

Extensive optimizations have been made to our web servers that have improved HTTP/2 performance by over 500%!

In benchmarks taken from, a WordPress site using our LiteSpeed Cache plugin loads up to 78X faster than a WordPress site running on the open source Apache web server with the W3TotalCache plugin enabled (a popular configuration with most other hosting companies).

This is the benefit of our next generation hosting platform!

HTTP/2 is used only when accessing websites over HTTPS.

Have you switched your website from HTTP to HTTPS yet? Put this to the top of your list to resolve “Not Secure” browser warnings and to reap these amazing performance improvements!

Need help switching to HTTPS? We now offer a professional HTTP to HTTPS conversion service for WordPress websites to Varial Hosting customers.

cPanel Updated to v78 Across All Servers

April 9, 2019

The latest major release of cPanel is now available to all Varial Hosting customers. Version 78 features improvements to the Email Accounts interface and a new tool called Email Deliverability to manage DKIM keys and SPF records. As previously announced, v78 also removes SquirrelMail from our Webmail options due to the project being abandoned by its original developers. The next time you log into Webmail, SquirrelMail users will be asked to select between our RoundCube (our personal favourite) and Horde Webmail applications.

More details on all the new changes can be found at:

.CA Registry Maintenance

February 5, 2019

The .CA registry will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 from 7:00am to 5:00pm CST to upgrade its backend platform. During these hours it will not be possible to register, renew or transfer a .CA domain or make contact information or name servers changes.

All existing .CA domains will continue to function as normal and will not experience any downtime related to this maintenance.

MultiPHP Manager Replaced with PHP Selector on Hermione

February 1, 2019

We have replaced cPanel’s MultiPHP Manager tool with CloudLinux’s PHP Selector on our Hermione server.

Available PHP versions remain the same, only the tool used to change your PHP version has changed.

Customers can change their PHP version and adjust their PHP options using this tool, which is now used across all of our servers.

Varial Wins HostAdvice Great Uptime Award

January 22, 2019

HostAdvice have been secretly monitoring our server uptime over the past couple months and have just informed us that we have won their Great Uptime award!

Feel free to view our HostAdvice profile and leave a review if you are so inclined.

Varial Hosting

Scheduled Maintenance: EasyApache Upgrade on Lockhart (Completed)

January 16, 2019

On Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 9:00am CST, we will be upgrading our Lockhart server to cPanel’s new EasyApache 4 web stack.

During the upgrade process websites hosted on this server may become temporarily unavailable until this maintenance has completed. Website downtime is expected to be brief.

No customer interaction is required.

If you have any questions or concerns following the upgrade, please contact our Support department.