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New Email Features: iOS Push Mail, Fast Email Searching and Email Disk Usage Tool

April 26, 2017

Woohoo! Three exciting new email features have just been rolled out to all Varial Hosting customers.

iOS Push Mail

If you have an iOS device you can now receive push notifications when new mail arrives rather than having your device poll our servers.

The Mail app on your device will need to be force closed and restarted in order to start receiving push notifications.

Fast Email Searching

Searching you mailbox using iOS, Outlook, Thunderbird or Webmail just got a lot faster with the introduction of our new IMAP full-text search indexing service. Search away with significantly improved speeds!

Email Disk Usage Tool

Has the size of your mailbox gotten out of hand? Our new Email Disk Usage tool can help you to quickly remove old emails or large messages to free up storage space. This tool can be accessed from your cPanel or directly within Webmail.


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