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Change of Domain Registration Partner

May 15, 2018

After 15 years as our domain registrar, eNom has announced a change to their business model and major price increases coming to all of their partners.

The planned price increases are so drastic that we would have to substantially increase our domain rates, which would put us in a position where we do not feel we could offer competitive pricing.

Instead of increasing our customer’s pricing, we have sought out a new domain registration partner.

Effective immediately, .com/net/org/ca domains will now be registered through our new partner, Public Domain Registry.

As customer domains come due for renewal our staff will facilitate the process of transferring the domains to our new partner. To allow time for the domains to be transferred, your next domain renewal invoice will be sent two weeks early.

Upon completion of the domain transfer, you may be asked to confirm your email address with the registry. Please complete this step if you receive an email requesting it.

While changing our domain registration partner is very time consuming for our staff, this decision has been made in our customer’s interests to avoid an increase in our domain rates and keep all of our customers at their current pricing.


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