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Stop Malware with Proactive Defense

August 2, 2018

One of the biggest innovations in website security is now available to all Varial Hosting customers!

Unlike traditional approaches that scan and remove malware from infected websites, Proactive Defense analyzes the behaviour of PHP code in realtime and stops dangerous executions, preventing malware from running in the first place.

Thousands of malware samples were analyzed to develop heuristics to distinguish malicious behavior from legitimate activity. By analyzing running PHP code and detecting dangerous executions in realtime, Proactive Defense is able to stop both known and zero-day malware in its tracks!

Top security researcher Patrick William of Rack911 Labs has said this of Proactive Defense:

“After extensively testing Proactive Defense, we’re confident that it will stop almost all malware in realtime. Combined with the other features of Imunify360, there is nothing else on the market that offers such a high level of security.”

After weeks of testing, not a single false positive has been reported and Proactive Defense has now been enabled as part of our Imunify360 security package for all Varial Hosting customers!


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