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New Email Features: iOS Push Mail, Fast Email Searching and Email Disk Usage Tool

April 26, 2017

Woohoo! Three exciting new email features have just been rolled out to all Varial Hosting customers.

iOS Push Mail

If you have an iOS device you can now receive push notifications when new mail arrives rather than having your device poll our servers.

The Mail app on your device will need to be force closed and restarted in order to start receiving push notifications.

Fast Email Searching

Searching you mailbox using iOS, Outlook, Thunderbird or Webmail just got a lot faster with the introduction of our new IMAP full-text search indexing service. Search away with significantly improved speeds!

Email Disk Usage Tool

Has the size of your mailbox gotten out of hand? Our new Email Disk Usage tool can help you to quickly remove old emails or large messages to free up storage space. This tool can be accessed from your cPanel or directly within Webmail.

WordPress Cache Plugin Updated to v1.0.15

April 20, 2017

LiteSpeed Cache, the caching plugin allowing Varial Hosting customers on our next generation hosting platform to achieve lightning fast Wordpress performance has just been updated to version 1.0.15. This new version includes bug fixes and several new features.

Customers can update this plugin through their WordPress admins or install it by following this guide:



  • [NEW] Added Purge Pages and Purge Recent Posts Widget pages options.
  • [NEW] Added wp-cli command for setting and getting options.
  • [NEW] Added an import/export options cli command.
  • [NEW] Added wpForo integration.
  • [NEW] Added Theme My Login integration.
  • [UPDATE] Purge adjacent posts when publish a new post.
  • [UPDATE] Change environment report file to .php and increase security.
  • [UPDATE] Added new purgeby option to wp-cli.
  • [UPDATE] Remove nag for multiple sites.
  • [UPDATE] Only inject LiteSpeed javascripts in LiteSpeed pages.
  • [REFACTOR] Properly check for zero in ttl settings.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the 404 issue that can be caused by some certain plugins when save the settings.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed mu-plugin compatibility.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed problem with creating zip backup.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed conflict with jetpack.

Zeus Server Migration Scheduled for May 6, 2017

April 5, 2017

Beginning Saturday, May 6, 2017 all customers hosted on our Zeus server will be migrated to a new web hosting server as part of our commitment to provide all existing customers with a free upgrade to our next generation hosting platform that we recently launched last year.

The migration to our next generation hosting platform will be completed in two stages:

1. Server Migration / Operating System Upgrade

Our Zeus server currently uses aging server hardware and a last generation operating system. We will take this opportunity to migrate all customers currently hosted on our Zeus server to a new, significantly more powerful server that features the latest Linux operating system.

Our new Sirius server is physically located in our new Saskatoon data center. We have deployed our Sirius server with a similar configuration as Zeus to eliminate compatibility issues at this stage.

2. Feature Additions / Server Software Upgrades

Once all customers are migrated to our new Sirius server we will gradually begin to add new features and upgrade server software to bring it inline with the feature set of our next generation hosting platform so all customers may enjoy the vast performance and security improvements our new platform offers. Customers will be notified when major features are introduced or when changes are scheduled that require customer attention.


If your domain names are connected to our name server addresses,, and (or our older or name servers), your migration will be fully automated and no action is required of you. Your domains will begin to resolve to the new server within 24 hours of being migrated.

If you are using a 3rd party DNS service to point your domains to our servers you must manually update your IP address from to with your DNS provider to complete the migration. This change should be made on Sunday, May 7th after your account has been copied over to the new server to avoid an interruption of your service.

No website downtime is anticipated however we ask that you do not update your websites on Saturday, May 6th and Sunday, May 7th while the migration occurs. We will begin at 6:00am MST on Saturday and expect it to take up to 24 hours to copy all data to the new server and complete the migration for all customers.

Once your account has been migrated you may experience a delay receiving new mail until your domain is resolving to the new server. If you require urgent access to your email you can directly login to Webmail on the new server at to view new mail you have received until you are able to connect to your email normally. If your email accounts are connecting over SSL please accept any certificate warnings if prompted.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at so we can help to ensure that your server migration will be as smooth as possible.

We will be posting updates during the migration at if you wish to follow along with our progress.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and we hope you enjoy the many performance and security improvements coming your way!