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A love for innovation shines through in the Varial team's adoption of new technology and its willingness to help others succeed.  We love getting to collaborate with people whose passion for technology is so potent and the relationships with customers are so transparent. Varial's attention to emergent trends and evolving customer needs is evident in their product roadmap. Keep up the great work, Varial!
— Alexandra Leslie (
A fantastic hosting company with a clear vision for providing excellent customer service. Varial's attention to detail clearly shows throughout the company along with the passion for providing a great service. Good work Varial!
— Lucy Davis (
The difference with Varial is the technical support.  I have had all of my emails answered within 15 minutes and received outstanding service and support.  Working with Varial has been fantastic.
— Andrew Keenan (
Awesome local business -- have recommended to friends.
— Megan Morman (
Excellent service.  Good support.  Canadian.
— Robert Fichter (
I have worked with quite a few different hosting companies over the years but never have I encountered a company like Varial who will leave no stone unturned to help their clients with almost any kind of problem -- even those that most would consider "not their problem".  If Varial can help, they do -- period!  Considering some experiences I have had in the past, Varial is like a good neighbour, and seem to say, "We care about people, we care about you.  We'll do all we can to help you."  I ask, where else can you find that kind of Internet service provider?
— Bailey Squier (
A great service run by a great team who truly understand what is needed in web hosting.
— Simon Trigona (
I have been happy with the value Varial Hosting has provided me as a customer for over 5 years now.  Their entry level plan is great to start out with and the option to upgrade is always available if I need it.
— Chris Hadlington (
Varial's tech support is fantastic!  Quick turnaround from real human beings who actually care.  A++++
— Dave Bauer (
Varial's support is great!  I recommend Varial Hosting to everyone looking for web hosting.
— Elaine Kelly (
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